About Seacom Marine

    Our factory was established in 1983 in Zhejiang, China. We have advanced equipment and skilled technical workers. It can produce more than 3,000 kinds of main and auxiliary marine parts.The factory's warehouse is over 3,000 square meters. At the same time, it has more than 1,000 square meters of finished product warehouse in Shanghai.

    As a supporting manufacturer of Hudong Heavy Machinery(HHM) and Zhenjiang CME Co., Ltd.(ZJMD), we have produced supporting parts for them for a long time. Before 2010, we only provided products to machine manufacturers and Chinese traders. After 2010, Foreign trader found that we needed us to supply goods. We established a department for foreign business.

    At the same time, as the supporting factory of the earliest batch of engine manufacturers, we have signed a cooperative agency alliance agreement with other production factories (several dozens of factories, each of which has a specific division of labor to produce different parts).Therefore, as one of the production alliances, we can get products directly from other factories at the most competitive prices, and we will also provide these factories with the products we produce.

    Our product prices and quality are very competitive. In summary, we can serve foreign customers directly as a production alliance of a Chinese factory.

    Since 2010, we have served customers in more than a dozen countries and accumulated a lot of experience in supplying products to foreign customers.

    While providing competitive products, we hope to create value for customers through reliable technical support and persistent after-sales service.To be a sincere and reputable manufacturer is our corporate goal.

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